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12-6 pm: 9e2 open hours at King Street Station
$10 (no pre-sale; pay at the door) or free with purchase of evening admission

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7 pm / all ages / $10 / King Street Station / BUY TICKETS HERE

Cornish College of the Arts: 9 Evenings Revisited
Media arts historian Robin Oppenheimer, with Cornish College of the Arts educators Genevieve Tremblay, Robert Campbell, Brendan Hogan, and Communications Media Specialist Mark Bocek, leads a multimedia discussion of Cornish’s historical ties to 9 Evenings, and how that drove the development of an interdisciplinary course at Cornish in 2016. Interspersed with stories, history, and film footage, this unique presentation reflects on pedagogy, art, and interdisciplinary learning.

The collaborations that took place in 1966 at 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering have deep roots at Cornish College of the Arts. In spring of 2016, Oppenheimer, Campbell and Hogan taught a course based on 9 Evenings as part of the launch of the new interdisciplinary program at Cornish, the Creative Corridor (led by Tremblay). In researching 9 Evenings history, students used technology to explore interactivity, performance, sound, sculpture, video and dance, re-envisioning five of the 1966 performances for a 2016 presentation.

Thomas Deuel: The Encephalophone Ensemble
Neuroscientist and musician Thomas Deuel, working with composer Marcin Pączkowski, visualist Ben Van Citters, and accompanied by an ensemble of musicians, will produce music and projected visuals in real time directly from his brain waves using his Encephalophone, a brain to music interface.

Accessibility at King Street Station: We are committed to welcoming everyone to 9e2! King Street Station is wheelchair accessible; take the elevator up to the third floor during open hours. If you require special accommodations to access the exhibit or the performances, please contact us at contact9e2seattle at gmail dot com in advance of your visit.

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